Shay Given Helping His Nation Against the COVID-19 Epidemic


Due to the lockdown situation created by the corona virus epidemic, most of the countries are worst hit in terms of economy as well as other parameters.

The number of people who died due to the corona virus epidemic is much lesser than the number of people who died due to hunger as well as depression. In this hard situation, the former football star of the Republic of Ireland has come forward to stand beside his country. He had a long career of 23 years before he took off his boots and goalkeeping gloves. He has saved his teams from conserving goals many times, and now he is up for saving his country against an invisible opponent.

Shay Given is well known for his charities. He has donated lots of money for Mac Millan cancer so that the fund could be used to improve the treatments of cancer patients. Now he has stood beside his country to supply masks to the frontline COVID warriors. According to him, it has been daily news that the country is running with a shortage of masks and necessary amenities to fight against COVID. He also will donate gloves and aprons to the frontline workers. As the initiating step of the charity, Given with one of his friends set up a charitable trust and then he started donating these equipment’s to the doctors, nurses as well as other health and service sector workers.

They hope to contribute to some extent to safeguard the front line workers against this terrible disease. Shay Given is up for contributing money to buy more than 10,000 masks for the COVID warriors. He has urged the common people of Ireland to join with their tiniest contribution to make the initiative a successful one. Each pound donated by the common people will become a huge help.