Elliot Simoes Ecstatic To Be A Part Of Barnsley F.C

Football club Barnsley very recently recruited the Portuguese football player and winger, Elliot Simoes. Simoes has left his club F.C United of Manchester to be a part of Barnsley. The Manchester player has joined the team under the guidance of the chief coach, Daniel Stendel. Elliott’s contract terminates after three-and-a-half year. The news comes after the 19-year old played exceptionally well in 23 games by scoring twice, that too in for a club which is non-league. The English club has not divulged into details of this contract as a result of which it is not known the amount for which Elliot will be playing for the club.

Gautam Ganaye, the chief executive of the Barnsley club believes that the winger would be giving tough competition to all the teams that are playing in the lead. Simoes himself was quoted as saying that the opportunity to be a part of the English club has been one of the best things that have ever happened to him in his lifetime. The player sees it as a golden opportunity of his footballing career. Simoes also said that he was simply moving ahead in his life and thought everything is in place and normal until he came to know that Barnsley wanted to sign him.

Elliot also shared a personal feeling where he said that just like everybody else, he also has moments where he does not want to leave his comfort zone. The winger said that even he has been afraid to step out of the home and meet new people in life, however, now that he has been signed by Barnsley, he feels like these emotions have driven away and all he feels is excitement to be a part of the club, although, he did mention how thankful he is to everybody who has supported him so far in his career.

We hope that Simoes’ joining in the League One will result in fruitful turnouts for the club.